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Be There

BT Sport’s on air identity was given an overhaul, bringing the overarching brand identity principles to life in a sports context through photography celebrating the passion and support of the fans. These photos are being used as the basis of a new identity for the channel in TV inserts, online communications, social networks and also published in a book.

I was commissioned to capture the spirit and emotion experienced before encounters. Portraying fans, moments and textures in the surroundings of the stadiums (in a wide variety of leagues ranging from the Champions League to the English fourth division).

I shot at venues around the UK and Europe. The main focus was football but I also covered rugby, MotoGP, tennis, MMA and hockey.

This was a long term project for BT Sport in which I worked directly with their design team for over than a year.

Six countries. More than 60 venues. Thousands of fans. It was good to be there!

Brand Photography

The first phase of the campaign was based on photography for use within the commercial breaks of all BT Sport’s channels to promote the new branding and their future schedule fixtures.

Brand identity project book and business card
Idents | Slo-mo

The follow up campaign consisted of capturing details in the same photographic style but by shooting slo motion ident videos for a few seconds. Again, this was used to promote the chanel’s new branding and their future schedule fixtures.

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